Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Warmest Welcome to Full-Time Traders!

Dear Friends,

How do we define whether we're doing something Full-Time or Part-Time? The key here is that while we all want to be super heroes, most of us are blessed with a day job or business. That's why we have this increasingly popular phenomenon called Part Time.

In my humble opinion, it is a Mindset. If we love the things that we're doing, they are Full-Time. I'm not going to define what a Full-Time Trader is, but let's decide for ourselves.

I have never met a Trader who thinks about the Market, Part Time.
I have never met a Trader who loves trading only 20-hours a week.
I have never met anyone who is passionate in the things he / she does only part of the time.
I have never met anyone who desires to be successful only once in a while.

On the other hand met lots of people who are…

Paid part time
Determined part time
Encouraged part time
Supported part time
Affirmed part time
Defended part time
Advocated for part time
Mentored part time
Invested in part time
Appreciated part time
And so on...

Anyway, have you guys ever heard of One Bad Trade may wipe out Many Good Trades?

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Anyway, that incident has inspired the birth of Full-Time Traders. I may have had very bad experiences in Trading due to greed and overconfidence. But, deep inside, I still love to trade. Moreover, I've posted that not to scream and whine to the world how much misery I'm in, but to share with anyone who happens to drop by, so that such mistake will never be repeated by anyone else.

Full-Time Traders, is designed for you guys who love to Trade. Trading is a Business, take it seriously, no matter what you're Trading.

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